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Top 10 Tips to fight the morning sickness during pregnancy

While juggling the responsibilities of planning for your baby’s arrival, work commitments, and daily life, the presence of morning or daily nausea can add an extra challenge to your pregnancy journey. Fear not! Let’s explore my top 10 hacks designed to help you effectively combat morning sickness during this crucial time.

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Many new moms often ponder the nature of the (in)famous “morning sickness,” a misnomer as it frequently persists throughout the entire day. The root cause lies in the significant hormonal fluctuations that accompany pregnancy, leading to sensations of nausea, stomach discomfort, and, at times, the urge to vomit.
Picture an enduring 24-hour hangover extending for a month, or the unrelenting queasiness akin to consuming tainted food, like expired seafood. Not a pleasant experience, is it?
Regrettably, almost all moms undergo some degree of morning sickness, ranging from mild queasiness to severe bouts that disrupt normal eating habits.
Now for the silver lining: nausea is not eternal. Typically, it tends to subside around the 12th to 14th week of pregnancy.

Here are some effective strategies to navigate through this challenging phase:

How to Alleviate Pregnancy Morning Sickness

  1. Citrus Fruits: Incorporate lemon, grapefruits, lime, and oranges into your diet. Whether adding lemon to your water, enjoying fresh grapefruit juice, tossing oranges into salads, or savouring a homemade lemon ice lolly or lemon tart, citrus fruits can be remarkably soothing.
  2. Fresh Air: A simple stroll by the sea, in the woods, or through the countryside can work wonders. If time is a constraint, consider air conditioning, refreshing your room, or introducing citrus-mint essence into your room’s humidifier.
  3. Carbs first: Consume dry snacks like crackers, bread, pretzels, veggie chips, nuts, and seeds to alleviate stomach sickness.
  4. Smaller portions: Opting for smaller portions throughout the day is preferable as it allows you to incorporate more fight-nausea snacks when you need an extra boost. This approach can help manage nausea more effectively and ensure a steady intake of nourishment.
  5. Hydration: Drinking water is essential during pregnancy and can help alleviate feelings of nausea. While soft drinks may not always be the best choice due to sugar content, there are sugar-free or low-sugar options available. Sparkling tonic water with ginger and cardamom can be refreshing as well!
  6. Licorice and Anise: Whether in the form of candy or simply the scent, liquorice and anise can help decrease nausea. Consider as well the infusion version, but be sure not to exceed.
  7. Prioritize Sleep: Ensuring an adequate amount of sleep is crucial. Make time for sufficient rest to support your overall well-being during this challenging period.
  8. Go Smooth-ie: Create your own mocktails by experimenting with spices to add a unique twist. Incorporating elements like spice and ginger can elevate the flavour profile. Don’t hesitate to explore various combinations until you discover the perfect blend. Embrace the addition of fruits and vegetables for an extra layer of freshness. At times, eating might not be the simplest task, so why not blend everything together? Enjoy a delightful and effortless way to boost your calorie intake.
  9. Spray: Spray away nausea with a soothing scent. Opt for your preferred essential oil, ensuring it’s all-natural, and craft your own on-the-go spray. Carry it in your bag for quick access, and consider spritzing some near your pillow or in your bedroom/office for a continuous, comforting aroma.
  10. Snacks on the go: assemble small bags or a box of snacks and stash them in your bag or near your nightstand. There’s nothing worse than being away from home or in the middle of the night without something to nibble on. If possible, prepare these snacks once a week and store them in a large airtight bag. This way, if you’re in a hurry in the morning, just grab one or two packs to toss into your bag. Also, ensure you keep some in your nightstand so that if you wake up feeling peckish, you can conveniently grab a snack before slipping into your slippers
  11. Extra tip Rubik’s cube: If drinking becomes challenging, consider freezing your favourite beverage for a refreshing twist. Another option is to enhance water with natural syrups like mint, almond, cherry, etc. Alternatively, opt for electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, or similar options. Sipping on these alternatives can help you stay hydrated even when faced with difficulties in consuming liquids
Citrus water for morning sickness

While adopting these strategies may not eradicate morning sickness entirely, they can significantly enhance the manageability and comfort of your pregnancy experience. Remember to consult with your doctor if nausea becomes a significant issue, impeding your ability to eat or drink.

Top 10 Tips to fight the morning sickness during pregnancy

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